About Norkart

Norkart AS is the leading vendor of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and municipal technical management systems in Norway. The company has developed GIS and municipal software since 1961, and offers market-leading solutions in municipal technology, maps and real estate information to the public and private sectors. We have Norway’s most complete data warehouse for geographical information. The key to success lies in the proximity to the customer, the execution power and the competence of our 182 employeesand our customers have relied upon us since 1961. We currently employ approximately 182 experts in these fields, with offices in five cities.

Norkart has gone from making detailed maps, to being a driving force in the development of digital mapping and software, to leading in the fields of geographical information and municipal engineering technology.

Yet our most important resource is not technology. The key to success lies with our highly competent employees. Knowledge in the company is refined through a generous culture of sharing, close relations to our customers, and by defining personal development as a central pillar of our strategy.

The recent investments we have made in mobile applications and web-based solutions have helped our customers work more efficiently, and have improved the dialogue they have with the world around them.

Our main products are GISLINE, KOMTEK and e-TORG

GISLINE comprises a broad range of solutions, for example highly sophisticated databases for storing and retrieving geographical data, management systems and viewers based on Windows clients or standard (WMS/WFS) Web technology. In addition, we have software for surveying and geodesy.

KOMTEK is a software system used in Norwegian local authorities to implement and organize property taxes and municipal services. It is the leading software in this field in Norway.

e-TORG is the market’s most complete collection of map data and aerial images for use online. It’s an online store for geographical data, 3D models and elektronic applications.

Norkart is a Safe Software Gold Partner and the primary distributor of FME in Norway, as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner. We use free and open source GIS software and contribute back to the communities that develop them. We have also been a driving force behind the Norwegian edition of the FOSS4G conference.

In Norkart we contribute to automating Norway – not in theory – but in reality.